Project Description

The auto industry has already faced some tough obstacles with the web due to the nature of the products. Auto body shops and dealers needed to know who they were working with, and to build a reliable system of trustful transactions.

Partcycle was designed as a fresh new solution for sourcing quality auto parts. The company personally vetted all the parts provided. They began offering protected e-commerce solutions for buying and selling auto parts through professional recycling providers.

To begin, the team managed to raise over $1.5 million in startup capital.


  • Partcycle was not without a few concerns and problems they needed addressed. There were two in particular.
  • Partcycle severely lacked a social media presence.
  • The company had a problem reaching different demographics outside their core base and across several different social platforms.


Fortunately, we at BizBuzz Digital provided them some much-needed solutions to their problems. There were main focus areas.

  • The marketing team set strategies for social media, including implementation and customer outreach.
  • The social media was actively managed.


The effort to revitalize the social media presence of Partcycle delivered the results they wanted.

  • Increased traffic and brand awareness
  • Increased revenue from different demographics
  • Fostered engagement from social media platforms, resulting in more orders and more exposure.