Luxe Brand

Project Description


Luxe Brand needed to get off the ground. The Luxe Brand image was a conception from a reputable college sports player with some internal knowledge of athlete needs and interests. But he needed to gain traction and officially begin the uphill start-up of this shoe brand innovation.


The effort began with a three-pronged approach. We at BizBuzz Digital wanted to put him on the map in a massive way, never missing a beat.

  • We developed drip campaigns that placed the brand name in the face of innovating and appropriate business leaders. This included retail providers, brand influencers, andcelebrities through a savvy celebrity outreach effort.
  • We lined everything up, incorporating broad and diverse marketing collateral. This included logo design, apparel design, product design, line sheets, and much more.
  • We created thorough website content covering the industry and the brand. We complemented it with a distinct referral program.


It took some time, but we provided the backbone to get Luxe Brand in front of the influencers the brand needed to thrive. It had the authority in the industry and a unique voice.

  • Over 20 celebrities were featured wearing the product, posted to social media and on the website.
  • Three pitch competitions later and Luxe Brand had three wins.
  • The brand was featured on NFL Network. -Product placement was positioned in major retail stores.
  • Luxe Brand managed to raise over $100,000 in seed capital.