Mobile Optimization

By the end of the 2000s, mobile optimization was still seen as a bit of a luxury and wasn’t quite necessary. Many customers had smartphones, but the Internet was too slow for them to be practical for daily use.

But in 2018, anyone who has ignored or minimized the importance of optimizing their website for mobile devices will inevitably lose customers.

Mobile optimization is less of a nice feature and more of an absolutely essential component of your web design. It is so essential that even the least expensive web creator platforms already have some mobile optimization features built into the platform.

Whether your website is older and needs mobile optimization or you’re in the process of coding a new one, we can help. We want your website to have everything a mobile visitor could possibly want, all within reach. Our mobile optimization incorporates many elements, including:

  • Image reformatting as required
  • Condensing of content to fit the frame
  • Minimization of bandwidth usage
  • Integrated social media sharing
  • Non-intrusive adverts
  • Compatibility across multiple mobile devices

Mobile optimization is more than a slightly different layout. If done properly, the entire website is reformatted and reconfigured to fit the design layout of a mobile screen, across multiple devices. But, we strive to take it much further.

We can implement feature changes to coordinate with how mobile users interact with web content. We can add click-to-call features for phone numbers, social media integration, videos, and other features for a powerful and functional design on mobile devices. You will receive superior conversions and more traffic due to our multi-layered optimization.

We can meet with you to discuss a mobile optimization strategy for your website at no cost to you.

Embrace the future with a website optimized for mobile devices. Take advantage of the many opportunities that are currently available for mobile device marketing

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