It’s time to build that e-commerce project you have always longed for or take your current e-commerce business to the next level.

Before you start, however, it might be helpful to know that nearly 75% of visitors abandon checkout right before finalizing the order.

Many visitors also never get to the stage of filling their cart due to a myriad number of potential obstacles, including slow e-commerce website loading, a clunky design, distractions, and more.

Your e-commerce design is your storefront, and it should be perfect. You are potentially losing sales every single day due to inferior design work. If you haven’t created a website yet, you’ll want to give it an excellent design from the get-go.

BizBuzz Digital creates the perfect e-commerce website to quickly draw people from the initial product pages to the ͞thank you for your order͟ confirmation.

You are leaving sales on the floor with an e-commerce system that isn’t efficiently designed or that has too many features that get in the way of a sale. We can do the following for your e-commerce business:

  • Encourage customers to make a purchase today with effective designs.
  • Emulate effective e-commerce elements from successful competitors.
  • Optimize price points through detailed e-commerce analytic data.
  • Decrease the chances of visitors leaving through recommended pages and products.
  • Create product promotions to draw traffic to specific pages.
  • Create a built-in referral and recommendation system to encourage social media sharing.
  • Create a rewards program to encourage loyalty.
  • Add any necessary features, such as accounts or live chat, to improve sales.

We can get your new initiatives and new e-commerce goals off the ground with a system that captures visitors, converts them to sales, and continues to sell to them in the future.

We are with you every step of the way, from the initial development of the website to the marketing campaigns that lead to higher sales and increased traffic.

Our strategy is enhanced by software tools, analytics, and our unique expertise.

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