Brand Identity

There are many brands that do not have a solid voice. They may have a good price for their product. They may have an attractive web design. But the brand has no clear unifying factor to elevate it beyond a cookie cutter product.

Customers feel this emptiness and it reflects in sales numbers and a lack of enthusiasm. Establishing a brand identity connects customers to the larger message of the business to resonate with them in a more meaningful way.

Brand identity encompasses how a business stands out in the crowd, what makes it special, and why people should care.

At BizBuzz Digital, we can commit time and energy into developing a remarkable brand identity. We can facilitate a stronger identity moving forward for your company. This can manifest in many ways, including:

  • Eye-catching visuals
  • A consistent color palette for all mediums, from the website to the merchandise
  • A clear message and easy-to-understand mission statement
  • A local or community-based tie-in
  • Pain-point research
  • Creative slogans and catchphrases to grab onto
  • Suitable marketing collateral that fits the tone of the company
  • A definitive main logo

We strategize, organize, and design a full campaign on brand identity. We want to associate your influential brand with a singular voice and message.

For established companies, we seek to understand what makes your business appealing to your potential customers, and we harness this knowledge to grow your identity in a positive and powerful direction.

For startups or new companies, we strategize with you to come up with a compelling and impactful brand identity that will resonate across every target market.

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